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Cheetah Girls

Soccer Team

Cheetah girls was formed in the Fall of 2017 at the NWR tournament on October 1-2, 2017. At that moment, I knew that Byram Soccer Association has something special with these young ladies. The way they were playing so well with each other, their chemistry was so strong. They have been playing together for 3 years but you would think it has been longer.  In the games, they have each other backs especially when someone is not playing their full potential that day. 


As they gotten older, their bonds gotten stronger. People always come to me and say, please keep them together because it will make them better as they get older and that is so true.  We have so many different personalities on the team that it does not affect the way they play together. I noticed that one player weakness is another player strength so they feeds off each other and they know it. They understand at a young age what each player will bring to the team. They don’t have one superstar on the team, they know that they all are a superstar together as a team.  When someone does well on the field, they tell that person, great job and a high five. 


They truly are the epitome of teamwork.  Since 2017, I have watched them grow, enhanced their skills level, sharpen their mind, and continue to love the game.  Here are some of their highlights from Fall 2017-Spring 2020:


  • Fall 2017: Finalist for the NWR Rumble of the Rez Tournament

  • Spring 2018: Champions and Finalist for the Byram Soccer Fest Tournament

  • Summer 2018: Bronze Medalist for the State Games of MS in Meridian

  • Summer 2019: Silver Medalist for the State Games of MS in Meridian

  • Spring 2020: Champions for the Gulfport Great Date of Soccer

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