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MELISSA BANKS is a native of Jackson, Mississippi, with a God-given calling, and heart to help women from all walks of life find that hidden treasure that abides within them. There are various ways that Melissa’s gifts are utilized to communicate a message of hope to others; through motivational speaking and individual coaching, which is used to inspire and encourage women to acknowledge the power that works within for successful living, regardless of their chosen field. Among Melissa’s many gifts and talents, she is an entrepreneur, event planner, and creator of a fabulous, uniquely designed women’s jewelry, as well as custom bracelets for men. Her creative flair and excellence is well known among many
celebrities from New York City to Los Angeles, California and abroad, through the creation of her beautifully gift-wrapped presentation called “The Dream Box,” which contains a variety of lovely items and exquisite jewelry from Melissa’s “Dream, A Jewelry Boutique”, featuring the Pearl Collection. The beauty of the pearl is used to remind women of their glorious value and self-worth, which is far greater than mere jewels, or valuable merchandise. The aim of this gesture is to ignite the inner flame of beauty which all women possess, in order to see themselves as worthy of the best, because their Creator made them that way! The most important ideal is to motivate women to view and love themselves as God intends them to. Melissa has an undying passion for helping to push individuals/women beyond their comfort zones. Through avenues of positive, spirit led interaction, there is an elimination of old mindsets, which have held them back, and a fresh ushering into the realization of what they have longed for. All of her events are motivational and uplifting. Anyone who attends will not leave the same way as they came. They will leave, ready and energized to go further than they have ever gone before! She deeply understands the importance of working to help others follow their Dream through sharing her experiences and what she has learned along the way. She mentors and coaches individuals who are taking their first steps in becoming entrepreneurs, or more experienced individuals needing encouragement, motivation and skill training in entrepreneurship for their further advancement in their chosen area of business.

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