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Lateshia Pearson is changing the mindset of individuals across the globe. As the founder of National Women’s Brunch Organization, Inc., Lateshia is gaining major acclaim and public notoriety as a force of empowerment, inspiration and encouragement for others to start a business, practice self-care, and to gain control over their own mind.

“I enjoy helping others become the best version of themselves, and to assist them in creating the healthy lifestyle that they have envisioned. “I know exactly what it feels like when you are simply existing, and not living.

Through her coaching, financial literacy and empowerment brunches, and her professional experience, Lateshia is able to get others to move outside of their comfort zone, and believe with and in them by helping them imagine themselves at their highest level of happiness, and success. Lateshia’s coaching, brunches, and mindset techniques have proven to produce efficient, positive, and life lasting results.

Outside of being a mother, a wife and full time entrepreneurs, Lateshia says “one of the best things that happened is having the faith to step outside her comfort zone in order to become a better version of herself in order to inspire others.”

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