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I am Rayna Randle-Clifton. I was born in Kansas City, Ks but relocated to Yazoo City, MS during my highschool years. I graduated from Yazoo City High School and later attended Belhaven University obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. As a young adult, I have always had a passion for helping people especially young girls, and I do so every chance I get. Living in a small town where there is not much going on I always wanted to make a difference in the community. I have hosted several events , for adults and children, but always found that a venue was always a big obstacle. After speaking to several organizations and other business owners, I found that there was a need for a venue in the city where different events could be held as well as the citizens having a nice place to host their private events as well. In April of 2018, with a prayer and a goal, I opened C-squared Event Center in Yazoo City, MS and by December of 2018 it had developed into a full service event planning service offering decorating, catering, entertainment and security services. I hold contracts with several sororities,fraternities and organizations that allow me to help host and plan their events through Mississippi. Also in December of 2018, I opened C-squared Travel Agency, where I currently have 3 agents working under me. My goal in this business is to let individuals know that they can travel and see the world on
any budget with the proper planning. Alongside my businesses, I am also a wife and mother; I work full-time for the Mississippi Department of Transportation as a Project Officer. I have also recently launched HER Hustle, LLC, which stands for Having Eternal Rewards. With this venture, my goal is to help young women start their own business from the bottom up. With this project I have also created and published a 2-year planner, that will not only help keep you organized, but also keep you on track with your goals and objectives. I have currently assisted 2 young ladies launch clothing lines, one being an online store, and I am currently working with another young lady from Atlanta, GA launch her very own makeup line. I take these ladies under my wing and walk them step by step until their business is off the ground; even then I’m still
available to them for any assistance that they may need. I have been recognized by several organizations for the work that I do in the community as well as for them. I take pride in everything that I do and I try to pass this way of thinking on to anyone I come in contact with. My motto is “The first step to success is getting out of your own way”

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