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Tenisha L. Wells is a native of Jackson, MS. She earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting from Jackson State University. Tenisha has over 8 years of professional experience in the financial sector, including non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and small businesses. In 2019, Tenisha established Wellsingten Group, LLC, which is the parent company of Leverage Financial and Blacckk. One of Tenisha’s core principles is to not only give back but also pave the way for those who come after her. In honoring her values, she passionately promotes financial literacy to families and communities. On her journey of spreading financial literacy, she has become a published author of a faith-based financial devotional, “Spiritual Wealth for Natural Blessings". Tenisha is currently employed as an Accounting Division Director at Mississippi Department of Education. Aside from being an accountant, Tenisha is the mother of one daughter, who is an aspiring software engineer.

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