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About Us

Girls 2 Women Mentors is a nonprofit organization that empowers, educate, and mold young girls into becoming extraordinary women. This organization hosts a summer camp and monthly social club. For the past few years, we have hosted an all-girls mentoring summer camp for ages 5-16. During camp, we learn social skills, life skills, get tutoring, work on team building, tackle hard conversations, and the girls get introduced to a female in the career-field that interests them. Girls 2 Women is not just a summer camp or monthly club it’s a lifetime membership of guidance and help.

G2W is on a mission of empowerment! Join the movement as a mentor or mentee!

Board of Directors

Tamora McConnell.jpeg

Secretary, Community Service Specialist

Fred Burns.jpeg

Voting Board Member, Programming Specialist

Bianca Foster.jpeg

President, Founder

Allison Walls.JPG

Vice-President, Executive Director of Marketing

Tenisha Wells.JPG

Treasurer, Financial Advisor

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